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EM 105: Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Policies

Unit I: Introduction to environmental impact assessment (EIA), origin and development of EIA, Environmental impact statement and environmental management plan. EIA guidelines 1994 and 2006, Notifications of Government of India on EIA.

Unit II: Impact assessment methodologies; Generation of baseline data, components of an EIA report; generalized approach to impact analysis, procedure for reviewing environmental impact analysis and statement. Authorities/Institutions involved in granting environmental clearance.

Unit III: Environmental policy 2006, Environmental policy resolution, Legislation, Public policy strategies in pollution control, International and National Conservation agencies, policies and strategies, Convention on biodiversity, Convention on Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol, Carbon credit and Carbon trading.

Unit IV: Concept of environmental ethics, Philosophies of biocentrism and ecocentrism, application of ethics to environmental issues. Eastern and Western philosophical traditions and relationships between humans, animals, and the natural environment, value of wilderness.

Suggested Readings:

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