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EM-203: Environmental Issues and Problems of North East India

Unit I: Population Growth, variation among nations; Population Explosion; Family Welfare programme; Environment and Human Health; Human Right; Value Education; HIV/AIDS; Women and Child Welfare.

   Changes in Forest Composition and Cover; Biodiversity loss and conservation measures; Impact of introduction of high yielding varieties, use of fertilizers and pesticides, issues and problems associated with shifting cultivation and industrialization

Unit II: Environmental Impact of coal and lime stone mining, quarrying of sand from hills and rivers; Extraction of petroleum and natural gas; Environmental and socio-economic implications of mega hydro-electric projects; issues relating to conservation of Ramsar sites of north-east India: Loktak lake, Deep beel; Environmental and socio-economic impact of plantation and cash crops; Impact of tourism, social conflicts and environment

Unit III: Principals of Sustainable; the Principal of Intra-generation Equity, the Principal of inter-generational Equity, Characteristics of Sustainability; Substitution, Renewability, Institutional commitment, Adaptability, Interdependence, Biological Resources, Reduction of Pollution, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Approach, Population Control, Consumerism, Business, Decision Making

Unit IV: Common Property Resources and Tribal Economy; Traditional System of Forest Management, Community Forest Management; Forest Policies; National Forest Policies, State Forest Policies and Autonomous District Council Forest Policies.


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