William Carey University lays importance on providing high quality education and research training. The University incorporates with the socio-financial and natural substances to realize complete conversion of individuals and their connections. The school will unite social, ecological, financial and scholastic exercises to encourage comprehensive development for the group and also to turn into a vital establishment. WCU offers scholastic courses and projects that prepare understudies to get included  in commercial as well as service oriented opportunities.
William Carey University offers programmes of study for students from all over India as well as from other countries. These programmes are in keeping with William Carey University’s distinctive focus on environmental and socio-economic development of NE India.
Programmes are practically oriented. Wherever these are linked with ongoing projects of the University employment opportunities are available. In most cases entrepreneurial initiatives will lead to self employment of the candidates. Finance is also made available.Some of our programmes are in collaboration with Universities in India and in other parts of the world.