“Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God”

-William Carey


WCU offers post graduate research programmes under the supervision of qualified experts and professionals from all over the world. M Phil and Ph D programmes of study will be made available. Candidates will be drawn from all over the country to undertake research in various social and scientific disciplines that will focus on the local context but relate to global realities.

Funded by National and International agencies. environmental and related scientific studies, social sciences, religion and culture, tribal studies and other fields related to the context of NE India will be pursued. The programme will be offered both for full time as well as part time studies. While adequate academic research will be required, the study will focus on actual field related issues and hence candidates will need to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the context to which the study relates.The minimum qualification for all studies will be as per UGC norms:

Bachelors and Masters degree with high second class in chosen field of study A qualifying period of study for those who have not secured the minimum requirement may be prescribed by the Academic Council of WCU.

Priority will be given to candidates who are already in the profession of their chosen field of study.Research fellowships will be available on the basis of merit but subject to the availability of funds from the university.

UGC Regulation 2016